Deficient in the mental arithmetic department?

Too many numbers to crunch?

Data Analysis / Conversion Optimisation

At Identicom we understand that campaign metrics and testing methodology are key to optimising and improving conversion performance.

Our suite of data tools and expertise allow us to swiftly identify opportunities. Then, through adapting both media and creative we build a long-term strategy to continuously optimise your campaigns ROI.

22% of Businesses

Are happy with their conversion rate

An small increase in conversion rate will often hugely increase your profits, creating a “virtuous circle” of benefits for your company.

Core Data Analysis & Conversion Optimisation Services


We’ll give you some beautiful, sexy reports every month so you can see how much money you’re making.

Conversion Optimisation

We’ll help set up content experiments to optimise your website conversion rate, and convert more visitors into customers.

Campaign Attribution

Can you read your analytics data properly? Do you know which channels are really working most efficiently for you?

Understanding ROI

We’ll help you crunch the data and show you which of your marketing channels are most profitable.

Attribution Modeling

We’ll help you assign appropriate campaign credit to the various customer touchpoints in their conversion paths.

Data Profiling

We’ll help you assess and improve the quality of your data, as well as help you discover new insights embedded in your current data.

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